CYBERSPACE — Jocks Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura hook up in the locker room in “Score!” for Pride Studios’ all-male membership site

The men enjoy a sweaty soccer scrimmage and Scott is unhappy with his performance on the pitch. If he’d been able to secure a goal, he tells Ventura, they would have won the game. Ventura, however, is confident his handsome buddy will have another opportunity to score.

“As they passionately kiss, they grope each other’s growing cocks in their uniform shorts,” reads the promotional text. “Angel makes his way down Chandler’s body and gives him the blowjob of his life as he swallows his cock deep and gets it very wet.” His buddy returns the favor and they move to fucking atop a bench.

“Angel rims Chandler’s hairy ass and fucks Chandler on his back. After fucking Chandler for a while, he lubes up Chandler’s cock and sits on it and rides Chandler like a champ,” notes the promo text. They men switch it up again until they bring each other off.

Gio Caruso directed their sexplay. View a hardcore trailer, photos and VOD details here and follow DylanLucas on Twitter.

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