SAN FRANCISCO — Director and performer Kristofer Weston toplines “Leather Dogs” for Falcon Studios Group and its Fetish Force imprint.

Dirk Caber, Jessie Colter, Jake Morgan and Tyler Rush join a “dominant” Weston in the high-wattage cast. “Join three leather daddies and their two eager pups, who only want to please, on the trek to obedience training and full pup fucking,” a rep said.

Master Dirk doesn’t see the harm in allowing Weston’s pup (Morgan) out of his crate for a bout of training with a hard bone; however, Weston administers hurts-so-good punishment to Caber for allowing his pup to roam free without permission.

Elsewhere, Colter and Caber release Pup Tyler from his cage for a threeway session of eager obedience training. “Whether these ‘Leather Dogs’ are good boys or bad dogs, their masters will be sure to give them everything they deserve,” said the rep.

Weston enthused about his experience as both director and star. “’Leather Dogs’ is my directorial debut with the Fetish Force family and I’m excited to showcase some kinky puppy play,” he said. “Fans will love watching these pups get trained by their masters until their own cocks are drained and begging for more.”

Tim Valenti, president of the Falcon Studios Group, praised Weston and his dog pound. “I’m so proud of Kristofer breathing a breath of fresh air into the Fetish Force brand with hot pup play,” he said. “He and his cast really get into the kink and a super-sexy film for the fans is the result

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In related news, Falcon recently promoted “The Fetish Bar,” featuring Adam Awbride, Lain Kross, Pierce Paris and Dane Stewart, under the Fetish Force label (click here for details).


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