HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Michael Vegas guests on the latest episode of “Kinktra in the Raw,” hosted by sexpert and kink/tantra educator Jane Jett.

The episode, titled “Pegging Michael Vegas,” is “a must-hear podcast for women and men who are enamored with the innocent, blond, blue-eyed beefcake with a wild streak. Known for his charismatic personality, intelligence and stellar lovemaking skills, he’s the ultimate dreamboat, and gets bonus points from hosts Jane and Erinn the Rawest for his love of pegging. Michael and the ladies explain the joys of pegging and the P-spot — it’s educational and entertaining,” a rep said.

“Michael is super-sultry and a one-of-a-kind guest, who we had wanted to get on the show from the very beginning,” Jett said. “We’ve never had a male performer like him. We were really blown away by him.”

Find the podcast on iTunes and follow their Twitter handle. The program can also be found on Google Play, Spotify and Stitcher.

Find Jett on Twitter here and direct podcast booking and sponsorship inquiries to msjanejett@gmail.com. Jett recently launched Kinktra.com, which also links to the podcast.

Follow Vegas on Twitter here.


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