LOS ANGELES — Last weekend, XBIZ was granted exclusive access to the set of award-winning industry director Will Ryder’s new project for Adam Eve Pictures, “Love Emergency,” a sure-to-be-hilarious “sex comedy” starring 2019 XBIZ Awards Best Actor winner Tommy Pistol and “America’s Porn Sweetheart” Riley Steele.

The XBIZ video crew was at hand to document the behind-the-scenes of Ryder’s famed feature filmmaking operation in action:

“I started shooting movies in 2004 and this is by far my funniest movie ever—the actors, the writing—everything,” Ryder told XBIZ. “I often say ‘this is my best movie,’ but this time I mean it.”

Ryder, who had a flaming hot streak of commercial successes in the late 2000s and early 2010s, is widely acknowledged as the man who revived the “porn parody” subgenre. His “Brady Bunch” parody “Not the Bradys XXX” (2007) —written, directed and co-produced (with longtime partner Scott David) by Ryder—is “one of the best-selling movies in the history of the porn business.”

“‘Love Emergency’ is so different from my other movies, though,” said Ryder, who also wrote the script. “I now focus on one big feature project every year and I like to try different genres. I do not do ‘scenes,’ I refuse to do ‘scenes.’ Last year we had a great experience with a paranormal thriller, ‘The Cursed XXX,’ so this year we decided to completely change gears and do a sex comedy.”

The 26-person-cast includes Pistol (riding a wave of critical and commercial acclaim for his arguably unrivaled acting versatility), Steele (who could be a dead-ringer for 1970s sex comedy bombshell Britt Ekland) and even a true screen legend from the 1990s, Christy Canyon, brought out of retirement by a starstruck Ryder for what he describes as “a truly hilarious dialogue [i.e., non-sex] scene.”

The plot of the film is described by the press materials as one of those classic, gag-filled sex comedies that used to be made all over the world (particularly in Italy) during the 1970s: “To avoid a prison sentence, a panhandling college drop-out (Tommy Pistol) living in his mother and step father’s (Brad Armstrong Sarah Vandella) basement is forced to apply for a janitor position at the local hospital but when his idiot friend hacks the computer, he mistakenly gets hired as an emergency room trauma surgeon. All hell breaks loose as he enters a wild world of high stakes drama where life and death situations hang in the balance but romance and wild comedy rule the day in his quest to remain a doctor and win the affection of a beautiful nurse (Riley Steele).”

“Any time you can combine top industry funnyman Tommy Pistol with screen legend Christy Canyon in one original comedy you have something special,” Ryder told XBIZ.

Ryder, who also shot a softcore version of “Love Emergency,” offered a non-explicit comedic role to Misty Stone, who has been recovering from a leg injury for the past several weeks. “She’s still mostly out of commission,” the director explained, “but for me, she made an exception. She didn’t want to miss out being in the movie, so she came over, and, of course, she’s hysterical.”

The director wants everyone to know that, all intercourse aside, this production can be enjoyed purely as a comedy.

“Adam Eve wanted to make a comedy that would stand out without sex, so mission accomplished—we’ve done that,” Ryder told XBIZ.

“‘Love Emergency’ is exactly the kind of movie you could see on Netflix. It just happens to have sex in it,” he concluded.


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